Capiz Radio is still on test broadcast

Capiz Radio is still on test broadcast

We are still in the process of slaying the dragons and stomping the ground. We will be on regular broadcast as soon as all the Orcs and Uruk-Hais can no longer bother us.

orcs capiz radio


We will soon play all your favorite music so let us know in advance.

Our callused hands are in the process of grabbing all the hit music we can get for our music library. Want to help us guys?

For the meantime we will be playing a couple of popular tunes and if circumstances dictate, we will broadcast one of our rival stations hehehehe. This only if we need to tinker with our own players and equipment.

Hope you understand. Thank you – John Link the Linkman

DJ John Link

October 21st, 2013



  1. romelbarrera says:

    sino nag create sini? :) thanks

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